About KBS

Krista Bermeo’s clean, contemporary designs are realized in a variety of materials including gold, silver, titanium, and glass.

“My goal is to make light itself wearable, so my vision for jewelry design is: Keep it light.”

She began her career designing jewelry for The Children's Museum of Indianapolis in 2005, initially focusing on playful organic forms captured in molten glass using gravity and dental tools to form desired shapes.

The drop shape is not new. It is primordial. The rounded drop shape is a basic property to molten glass and for that matter, liquid itself. It is a beguiling form as it captures light in such a way that implies suspension, and so I use it as the starting place for many of my jewelry designs.  The design process becomes a question, how can this simple drop be teased into new and interesting forms?"

Though she now produces jewelry primarily for adults, Bermeo’s designs are still characterized by her fascination with light and an aesthetic balance between elegance and play.  She creates delicate shapes reminiscent of diatoms, dewdrops, pebbles, twigs, and bits of magnified sand.  Recently, she has collected shards of broken glass left after her home city of Indianapolis was roiled by civil unrest; she softens the edges of each fragment under her torch to create unique constellations of time and place.  

"Artists can create beauty from fragmentation.  The vision behind my 2020 shattered glass collection is a testimony to a year that was characterized not only by unrest, but also by the shattering of many glass ceilings.  It is my attempt to ask the question, how do we pick up the pieces?"

Krista Bermeo's work has been featured in diverse retail settings, such as the Corning Museum of Glass in New York, the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, The Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Indianapolis museum of art, and The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

All of her work is completed in her studio located in downtown Indianapolis.