The Shattered Collection commemorates the breaking of barriers, both personally and collectively. Each unique piece symbolizes a successful struggle to be heard, to be witnessed, or the achievement of those personal goals that so often require us to push past, or more commonly, shatter barriers. Though the glass pieces have been lamp-worked, the unique contours of each shattered piece are preserved as a testimony to resiliency and spirit. Inspired by the life of Jackie Troy, “Shattered” is my attempt to conjure beauty and strength from the fragility of our lives, to remind us to keep breaking the ceilings and walls that confine us. 

25% of the purchase price goes to support the Jacqueline Troy Inspired Fund (JTIF). The JTIF allows women to support fellow women on their entrepreneurial journeys. With the generosity of individual donors, CIWBC can continue to provide the resources and tools necessary to help entrepreneurs start and grow with the support they need. For more information visit the Central IN Women’s Business Center at